This is my face lately. Less makeup and fun outfits, more beanies and outdoor-wear. Less family dinners and meeting friends at music gigs—more quiet evenings and googling “how to train a puppy to stop biting” as I trudge out the door with a wriggly brown fur ball at 3 am. I have never been able [...]


  I feel a wave of joy thrilling peace in my chest when I call my sons attention to the chirp of finches outside. Oh, to hear birdsong for the first time through his ears. My son MySon Monsoon Monsoons of joy a tidal of sunshine-- Sweeping overwhelming overpowering— Intruding brightness Reviving warmth Uncouth, ill-mannered— [...]

No Surprise

October 6th, 2017. Right before the beginning of what has been one of the most painful seasons of my life. Like, it’s given 2007 a run for its money. But that day I scrawled this in my journal and accidentally prophesied to myself– He’s not thrown off by all this. By no means indifferent, but [...]

The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids

  In my teen years, I wanted to be "cool". I wanted to dress the right way, say the right lingo, be with the right people. Being cool meant acceptance, acceptance meant security, security meant not getting pushed around or pushed aside. And hopefully, all of that exhausting work would mean that these people could [...]