When Jesse died You visited me with goldfinches “I’m here.” With each colorful flutter of wings, evidence--I was seen. In the years since When I’d see their tiny yellow frames I’d take it as proof, surety. You were with me. But I saw with greater frequency Plain, tawny, common finches— Which I’d dismiss with disappointment, [...]


  I feel a wave of joy thrilling peace in my chest when I call my sons attention to the chirp of finches outside. Oh, to hear birdsong for the first time through his ears. My son MySon Monsoon Monsoons of joy a tidal of sunshine-- Sweeping overwhelming overpowering— Intruding brightness Reviving warmth Uncouth, ill-mannered— [...]

Lines of living

I love the lines on my face that tell me I have seen and tasted. They betray my poorly-kept secret of laughing too hard and too often— creased by a grief that breaks and rebuilds. My forehead is marked by skepticism and curiosity, guilty of surrendering to wonder and awe— repeatedly. I am not just [...]

Wild on the Wind

Wild on the Wind

I walked along the sprawling fields,hedged in by pine-covered hills. Sunlight and clouds played and danced in the vast blue. I came upon two deer No, three No, seven Thirteen mothers and babies enjoying their evening meal. I watched with adoring eyes, turned and went on my way. I stopped to look back, light shrinking [...]