When Jesse died You visited me with goldfinches “I’m here.” With each colorful flutter of wings, evidence--I was seen. In the years since When I’d see their tiny yellow frames I’d take it as proof, surety. You were with me. But I saw with greater frequency Plain, tawny, common finches— Which I’d dismiss with disappointment, [...]

Able, Breath

(Trigger warning: miscarriage) On December 2nd, I took a pregnancy test. Positive. Only about 6 weeks along, I was hesitant but excited. The whole year had been rife with difficulty and some personal, painful experiences. This was a bright spot, no matter how complicated it seemed. It was like waking up and looking out the [...]

Ten Years

Ten Years

In honor of my brother, who we lost ten terribly long and tenderly short years ago. You hugged me tight At least a head taller You rested on my shoulder all the same Movies we watched that night Our last memories Would we have chosen them again? Magicians and comedians Meaningless but fitting It was [...]