Like a Child

Lately I've thinking about how Jesus tells us to come to him as children. And I look at my son, at other children, how they fling themselves headlong into life-- Barreling forward, joyfully or cautiously depending on their nature, But onward they go, with no fear or flinching about what might lie ahead. In the beginning, [...]

Able, Breath

(Trigger warning: miscarriage) On December 2nd, I took a pregnancy test. Positive. Only about 6 weeks along, I was hesitant but excited. The whole year had been rife with difficulty and some personal, painful experiences. This was a bright spot, no matter how complicated it seemed. It was like waking up and looking out the [...]


  I feel a wave of joy thrilling peace in my chest when I call my sons attention to the chirp of finches outside. Oh, to hear birdsong for the first time through his ears. My son MySon Monsoon Monsoons of joy a tidal of sunshine-- Sweeping overwhelming overpowering— Intruding brightness Reviving warmth Uncouth, ill-mannered— [...]

Get in The Arena: Risking vulnerability through creativity

Last summer, I finally finished the book “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown. The title, and much of the content of the book, are inspired by an excerpt from a speech by Theodore Roosevelt called Citizenship in a Republic. This well-known section is called “The Man in The Arena”: “It is not the critic who counts; [...]

Lines of living

I love the lines on my face that tell me I have seen and tasted. They betray my poorly-kept secret of laughing too hard and too often— creased by a grief that breaks and rebuilds. My forehead is marked by skepticism and curiosity, guilty of surrendering to wonder and awe— repeatedly. I am not just [...]

No Surprise

October 6th, 2017. Right before the beginning of what has been one of the most painful seasons of my life. Like, it’s given 2007 a run for its money. But that day I scrawled this in my journal and accidentally prophesied to myself– He’s not thrown off by all this. By no means indifferent, but [...]