I’m Kate.

I am an accidental writer. I started journaling as a child and haven’t been able to stop processing through my pen ever since. I never sought out the title of “writer”, but have found myself in love with writing, at home in it.

I am a mom. Ezra is the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen (not biased at all). He is funny and loving and has his mama’s fiery heart and Irish blood. He is sweet and good and I’m honored to be Mom in his life.

I am an enneagram 1w2, a hybrid introvert/extrovert (I CAN’T DECIDE), and my top 5 on Strengthsfinder are all in the relational category. I love people.

I am a poet. My mind thinks in imagery and when my heart is stirred, poetry is the only way to convey it with honesty.

I am passionate about seeing women embrace their vital role in the body of Christ. I have been touched by sorrow and grief and I am passionate about seeing things with humor and fighting for joy. I am passionate about the plight of the marginalized, the helpless, the unseen and misunderstood. I am passionate about seeing change and integrity in the Church and am a firm believer in “being the change I wish to see in the world”. Thank you for joining me as I figure out what that looks like.



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