Enjoy life.

I am (re) learning the importance of surrounding myself with beauty.

Remembering to take time to write, to paint, to meander in my garden, to savor the nightly task of crafting meals. Remembering to laugh with my husband and take in the quiet moments.

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Remembering to enjoy life.

Something happens to me when I get too focused on tasks or responsibilities, or even just the daily details of life. I become heavy, a somber and sullen version of myself. I forget to lift my head from my circumstances, and all sense of wonder becomes numbed. Ungratefulness seeps in and I just forget.

I recently took a two-day trip to visit my best friend in jaw-droppingly-beautiful Central Oregon. As I caught her up on the latest details of my life, speaking in apologetic tones, she stopped me with tears in her eyes and said (paraphrased) “Katie, my biggest hope for you is that you would enjoy your life“.

Coming from someone who has seen me in the saddest days of my life, and been there in the most joyous moments, the words cut right to my heart. Because I knew just what she meant. Enough has been stolen and destroyed in my life, and to lose my joy as well? No.

In that moment, it was as if Jesus Himself was looking in my eyes and uttering those words.

He’s paid it all. And He and I have walked some pretty horrific roads together. And there will be hard roads ahead, of this I’m sure.

But here I am, in the middle of crazy blessing and beauty, married to a good man…

“Look at all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” 

-Anne Frank

I’m finding immense joy in this re-discovery.

Poetry is flowing again, and I could cry giddy tears.

 photo (4)


Give me light feet

 Like a doe, a gazelle.

Let my thoughts be of beauty and levity

Noticeably without weight

My toes scarcely brushing the graves and battlegrounds below.

But what good did the valley do

If I do not bear yesterday’s wounds?

Oh, that they would be but scars,

Sewn up long ago.

May I wear the badge of heartache,

While dancing atop mountains.

Let my sight pierce

With eyes of wisdom

Knowing grace few have beheld.

Let my eyes ever brim

With tears for brokenhearted

And for redemption that is real.

But oh, give me light feet.

Like a doe, a gazelle. 

Hindsfeet, by Kate Schaber

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