Rue Doudeauville

I said I would blog abroad...and 5 days in to our trip, I suppose it's about time for an update. We arrived in Paris early in the morning at the beginning of our week. We had planned to take public transportation to our apartment, which instantly proved to be slightly confusing, but not insurmountable. After [...]

Feature Friday

I wrote that blog title as if "Feature Friday" is a thing I usually do, and now I'm laughing at myself, but I'm going to go with it anyway. I'm not usually one for posts like this, but today I opened up my email to find a wonderful surprise, and I just couldn't help [...]

Enjoy life.

Enjoy life.

I am (re) learning the importance of surrounding myself with beauty. Remembering to take time to write, to paint, to meander in my garden, to savor the nightly task of crafting meals. Remembering to laugh with my husband and take in the quiet moments. Remembering to enjoy life. Something happens to me when I get [...]